COVID 19 – Property Conveyancing Services Sunshine Coast

COVID 19 has provided some serious changes in the way property conveyancing services have been provided by law firms on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland.

There was a slow uptake by a lot of law firms throughout Queensland to utilize the PEXA electronic conveyancing portal, but COVID 19 changed that.

We have seen a large transition from face to face settlements being conducted and more law firms now engaging with the PEXA electronic portal. This is not only great for our clients who are selling and buying, but also for our Conveyancers and all other parties involved in the matter.

PEXA electronic conveyancing provides a streamlined transfer of property and distribution of settlement funds in a safe and secure environment online.

Also, registration of settlement documents is completed on the same day of settlement which provides greater security for Buyers as the property is registered in their names almost instantly. No more waiting for manual registration at the DNRME offices.

All our Conveyancers at North Coast Law are registered PEXA specialists, and we are very excited that other professionals within our industry have jumped on board.

PEXA means North Coast Law can act for you if you are selling or buying a property, it doesn’t matter where you are located in Queensland. This also applies to interstate clients who are selling or buying a property in the Sunshine State.

With today’s technology, we can review your contract before you sign to ensure your interests are protected and advise you on the appropriate conditions which you should have included in your Contract.

For more information reach out to one of our PEXA Senior Conveyancing Specialists today.