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Welcome to North Coast Law Conveyancing servicing the Sunshine Coast with fixed price Conveyancing Fees on Sales and Purchases.

Kim Matheson is our Senior Conveyancing Specialist with over 35 years of experience and expertise in the Conveyancing profession in Queensland, WA, and New Zealand.

North Coast Law Conveyancing specialize in Residential sales and purchases, Unit Titles sales and purchases inclusive of off the plans, and Vacant land sales and purchases inclusive of off the plans.

The Conveyancing process involving a sale and purchase is a complex road for clients to navigate. But be assured with Kim’s experience and expertise backed with her dedication to service delivery, you will be assured of a smooth transition from receipt of your Contract from your Agent to the transition to settlement.

North Coast Law Conveyancing is focused on providing a personal and professional service which as based on delivering efficient, friendly and courteous service to Clients, Agents, Mortgage Brokers and all Affiliated parties to a transaction.

We utilize cutting edge technology and are the Sunshine Coast’s Industry Leaders with Electronic Conveyancing with PEXA.

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    At North Coast Law we know that all Contracts will not run smoothly, and we will always act in your best interest to make things as stress-free as possible.

    Where ever possible we recommend that the Contract is reviewed by our office prior to you signing to ensure the legal conditions are included to protect you.

    Buying A Property

    1. Advise you on your Contractual obligations under the terms and condition, in particular, your obligation to insure the property immediately. The risk under the terms of the Contract passes to the Buyers the next business day from the signing of the Contract;
    2. Advise you of the critical dates which need to be met;
    3. Communicate and Co-ordinate with your Banker/Broker, Agent and Sellers Solicitors throughout the Conveyancing process;
    4. Undertake the relevant searches for the property you are buying;
    5. Provide you with settlement calculations and cheque directions;
    6. Book and attend settlement on your behalf. Not all settlements will not be conducted on the Sunshine Coast. An appointment of a Settlement Agent will be required for settlements being conducted elsewhere as instructed by the Sellers Solicitors;
    7. Confirm completion of settlement and authorize the release of keys to the Agent;
    8. Advice to the rating authorities of the change of ownership.

    Selling A Property

    1. Advise you on the Contractual obligations of the Buyer and conditions to be satisfied;
    2. Confirm with you once conditions have been satisfied and advice once the Contract has been confirmed unconditional;
    3. Instruct you to contact your Bank to arrange to sign the Discharge Authority form. This is your instruction for them to prepare the Release document and attend settlement;
    4. Provide you with a copy of the Agents Commission Statement. If there is a shortfall between the deposit paid, then your Agent will be paid from the sale proceeds;
    5. Arrange and attend settlement. If the settlement is not being completed on the Sunshine Coast then a Settlement Agent will need to be appointed to attend settlement;
    6. Confirm once the settlement has been completed and attend to any banking of balance of funds due to you;
    7. Provide you with final correspondence in relation to your sale;

    The above is by no means the Conveyancing process but an outline of what really goes on behind the scenes.

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