Issue of Certificate of Titles

The issue of Certificate of Titles will come to an end on the 1 October 2019.

A bill was passed in Parliament on the 26 March 2019 to amend the Land Titles Act 1994. An interesting fact only 11% of Titles in Queensland still have a paper Certificate of Title in existence.

Please note from 1 October 2019, a paper Certificate of Title will become either historic or sentimental value. The Certificate of Title will no longer be required to be handed over at settlement. You will also not need to lodge them with the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy.

No changes will be made to the existing legislation governing paper Certificate of Titles. With the exception of those under the Land Titles Act.

After the 1 October 2019 remember no more issue of paper Certificate of Titles.

For more information please refer to the Queensland Law Society