Getting Ready To Sell Your House

Have you made the decision it is time to sell your house? If so then we have few tips which will help you get ready to sell your house.

Firstly you probably want to know what your house value is first. You could engage the services of a Valuer to determine the market dollars, or you could use the services of one of your local Real Estate Agents to give you a market appraisal.

Your local Real Estate Agents have the finger on the pulse and know the area well. So it is always good to use the services of one of your local Agents.


Or you could also conduct some research on a site like Real

We all have an emotional attachment to our family homes, so if you can try and keep emotions out of the equation when establishing the value of your home.


Next, you want to get your property ready to be marketed. This is a good time to tend those repairs and maintenance issues. Also a good time to spruce up the garden.

Also if you have carpet and drapes it would be good to get those professional cleaned.

Have you ever watched any of those house flip or renovation programs? Some good ideas on staging your home with fixtures and fittings to change the atmosphere of the interior of your home. Or you could hire a professional to do the staging for you.

What home isn’t a home without pets? If you do have pets make sure there are no nasty odours when you home is open for inspection. Take your pets out on the days there will be home opens, and remove any of pets bedding, toys and bowls.

All these things will help you in getting ready to sell your home, and assist the Real Estate Agents when photos are being taken. Planning the sale of your property may seem a daunting experience but could make a big difference to the sale price.

Also consider the time frames around your settlement dates when selling and buying to be on the same day.

We are happy to provide you with a conveyancing quote for the sale of your property.