Electronic Conveyancing In Queensland

Electronic Conveyancing in Queensland is now starting to get a bit of traction with Conveyancer’s and Solicitors in Queensland.

We have been slower than other States to adopt Electronic Conveyancing in Queensland, but as more Conveyancers and Solicitors jump on board more confidence in the PEXA system are proving very advantageous for both Law firms and Clients.

There are many benefits to Electronic Conveyancing using PEXA. Here are some of those benefits-

  1. Clients no longer need to physically sign Transfer documents. This is all done with an electronic signature by your Solicitors. Clients are still required to sign a Verification of Identity Instruction.
  2. The PEXA system allows for minimal errors in documentation reducing the risk of Requisition Notices being issued by DNRME as the system has a built-in verification system.
  3. There is no need for physical attendance at settlement, saving clients money not having to pay Settlement Agent fees.
  4. Disbursement of settlement funds is completed in a very secure environment and funds are almost instantly cleared in clients accounts. There is no longer the need to wait 3 working days for bank cheques to clear. Reducing the risk of cyber theft.
  5. Registration and transfer of the title into the client’s name are instantaneous. No more waiting weeks for Banks Agents to physically attend titles office to registered documents. This means the rating authorities are advised earlier that clients are now the registered owners of the property they have purchased.

We must mention that not all settlements can be completed through Electronic Conveyancing in Queensland, PEXA is continually working on documents which can be lodged within the system.

Here at North Coast Law, we are proud to service clients where ever possible using Electronic Conveyancing in Queensland. This also means we can service clients from anywhere in Queensland and Interstate.

So if you are looking for an innovated Law Firm using the latest technology to complete your property settlement, than look no further than the Conveyancing Team at North Coast Law.