Body Corporate Pet Approval

Are you buying a property in a Unit complex or Retirement Village?

Your beloved fur friends are a very important part of your family, and you will want them to continue to live with you. Right? I know I would.

You could be at a time in your life where you are looking to downsize your property and are considering buying a unit or in a retirement village. So what are the rules regarding the keeping of pets in a unit complex or retirement village?

Most body corporate communities and villages have specific by-laws which govern each unitholder within the complex and their visitors. There can also be specified by- laws regarding people visiting with animals and the keeping of animals permanently at the property.

Prior to signing any Contract to purchase in a unit complex or in a retirement village you must be given a completed Disclosure Statement, and attached to this statement there should also be the by-laws for the body corporate. You will be able to determine quickly what the by-laws are relating to the keeping of animals within the complex and at the property.

If the by-laws specify that no animals can be kept within the complex or at the property then you should immediately speak to your property lawyer or conveyancer to discuss further.

We can draft a specific clause/condition to be included in the Contract which will be subject to and conditional upon body corporate approval being granted to keep an animal at the property. This will ensure you receive the body corporate pet approval.

For further information and advice on buying a property within a unit complex or retirement village contact the experts at North Coast Law.