We get asked a lot of questions! While we love talking to you, we sometimes find that we have the same conversations with different clients, so we decided to compile a list of commonly asked questions for your information. Click on a question to get started. If you can’t find the answer you were looking for here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

How do I find your Palmwoods office?

The hinterland town of Palmwoods is off the beaten track not far from the Big Pineapple. Exit the Bruce Highway at the roundabout, swing a left onto the Nambour Connection Road and sail on past that over-sized tropical fruit. Keep driving, but if you get to Nambour you’ve gone too far! The exit to Palmwoods is only a few short minutes from the roundabout; look for the signs! Drive past Woombye State School and you will see the water tower, but don’t forget to look at the view! That amazing expanse of hinterland is one of the many reasons why we love this sleepy town. Follow the yellow brick road all the way in to Palmwoods, under the railway bridge and swing towards the left and up the hill. Our Palmwoods office is the bold yellow building perched proudly at the very top of the hill, sandwiched between Elders Real Estate and Palmwoods Clinic Family Medicine.

Of course, you could always ask Siri how to find us!

How do I find your Beerwah office?

Crikey! Come on down to North Coast Law! We don’t have any crocs here but you’re in for a wild time. Our Beerwah office is very easy to find as it lies along Steve Irwin Way (you know – home of the crocodile hunter’s famous Australia Zoo)! As soon as you spot the big croc, Beerwah is not too far away. Once you hit the first set of traffic lights, turn right. Cross the bridge over the train tracks, go round the roundabout and take the third exit. As soon as you spot the Aldi sign, you know you are in the right place. Pass Aldi and go straight, but if you find yourself at another set of lights you have gone too far. We are nestled slightly back from the road, above First National Real Estate and next to the infamous tattoo shop. If you are trying to figure out how to get up to level 2 – our stairs are hidden to the left of First National!

How do I find your Pomona office?

Fun fact! Pomona comes from the Latin word “Pomom” (Lawyers love Latin) meaning “fruit”.

Our fruity town is nestled in the beautiful hinterland about 30 minutes from Noosa main beach. If you are heading from Noosa to visit us then you will come via Cooroy on the Cooroy Noosa Road. When you reach the T-section at the end of the road you will take a right towards Pomona. Follow the signs all the way! You will know when you have found the village because you will come to the top of a hill (on Hill Street!) looking directly at our famous Mount Cooroora. Follow Hill Street down to the town and take the first left through the subway under the railway line and take a right at the t-section. Our office is on the right opposite the Pomona Hotel in the little blue building that is probably only second to the hotel as the most photographed building in Pomona. If you are coming from the new Bruce Highway, just take the Pomona exit and follow the signs into town. You will come from the opposite end of town this way but it is as easy as taking the 3rd exit on the round-a-bout (insert navman voice here) into the hub of Pomona and you will find us on the left just before the Landcare office.

Does your office have stairs? I/my loved one cannot climb stairs.

There is just no side-stepping the elephant in the room: we have stairs. All of our offices have stairs. Some of our offices (Palmwoods, Beerwah, Kawana) have more stairs than others (Pomona), and while we like to climb the stairs in pairs (a dozen times or maybe more when we’re counting steps), we understand that they are not for everyone. Don’t despair, we have a solution to your predicament.  Our Palmwoods office has a meeting room tucked away on the ground floor of the building. Pomona has a lovely fig tree out front that we are quite partial to meeting under!  If none of those options suit you, all of our offices are within easy walking distance to some of the best coffee shops the Sunshine Coast has on offer. Please speak to us today if you would like to utilise any of these options to meet with us.

Can you visit me/my loved one at home/hospital/an aged care facility?

Yes, we definitely can. Although we prefer to meet with you at one of our offices so we have easy access to useful resources and can provide a confidential space to meet with you, we know that sometimes flexibility is necessary to accommodate your needs. If you have no easy access to transport, you are laid up in hospital or you are physically frail, we can meet with you at a place of your choosing. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about setting up a visit outside of our offices.

Do I need to meet with you in person to receive legal advice?

The short answer is no. We prefer to meet with our clients in person so that we can fully understand your legal issues and provide appropriate advice, but we know that you may not live locally or you may work full-time or you may be a shift or fly-in-fly-out worker and a face-to-face meeting may not be the best option for you. We believe that every Queenslander should have access to quality legal advice regardless of their circumstances. If it suits you better to speak by telephone or Skype or FaceTime, please let us know. If it doesn’t suit you to talk to us at all (we get it; you’re very busy!) we can still provide limited scope legal advice in writing or by email.

Can I see the solicitor I saw previously about a new legal matter?

It depends. Although all of our solicitors are knowledgeable and experienced in many areas of law, each of our solicitors focus their practice in different areas of law. At North Coast Law our solicitors are encouraged to focus on areas of law that they are passionate about. In the same way that you wouldn’t expect a truck driver to be skilled at driving a train, the solicitor you saw last time may not be the best person to advise you in your new legal matter. As far as possible we are happy to accommodate your wishes if you have a favourite solicitor at North Coast Law, but if we make a suggestion about meeting with another solicitor please keep in mind that we aren’t just passing you over to the next available solicitor, we just want to provide you with the best fit for your legal needs.

Can my conveyancer give me contract advice?

The short answer is no. If your contract has special conditions, is off-the-plan (a proposed but as yet unregistered property lot), you have plans for the use or development of the property, or it is for a commercial property or business, you need contract advice from a solicitor.

Of course, if you have already signed the contract the time for contract advice has probably passed. While we can interpret and explain anything you may be unclear about, if you have already put your pen to paper there is limited scope for amending or terminating a contract that is already underway.

Can one of your solicitors witness my signature? I need to sign transfer docs/stamp duty concession forms/another legal document.

Provided the document was prepared by us or is a document prepared by a third party in connection with a legal matter that we are looking after for you where we have reviewed the document and given you legal advice, yes, we can witness your signature. If you are seeing us for legal advice in connection with the document, provided the document is all in order, we can witness your signature at the appointment. If you need someone to witness your signature on transfer docs or a stamp duty concession form, we can do that too, but you need to set up an appointment time. Although witnessing signatures on conveyancing documents only takes a moment, our solicitors are often busy with clients who have made appointments and because we have multiple offices we cannot guarantee that there will be a solicitor in the office if you simply rock up. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Please note if you are not a client of North Coast Law we cannot witness documents for you. There are many places on the Sunshine Coast where you can find a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations to witness your signature, such as your local Court House.

What is safe custody? Can you store my important legal documents in your safe custody?

Safe custody is a storage facility provided by law firms for storing your important, original legal documents such as original Wills, original Enduring Powers of Attorney, and original Certificates of Title. Think of it like the history section of your local library!  Okay maybe it’s not exactly the same, but our safe custody is a collection of important legal documents you have made in the past, that you will likely need to refer to again in the future. Safe custody is the place to leave any legal document that you cannot afford to lose. Nothing disappoints us more than to learn after your death that you have misplaced your original Will because you took it home instead of leaving it in safe custody, and you don’t even want to know how many hoops you will need to jump through if you want to sell your property but have misplaced your original Certificate of Title.

Any documents you leave in our safe custody are held by us on your behalf. The documents belong to you and are stored purely for your benefit. You are welcome to uplift them from us at any time (we only need about 24 hours notice), but please keep in mind that we can only release your documents to you. We cannot release your documents to someone else. With this in mind, please don’t be offended when we ask to see your photo ID – we just want to double-check you are who you say you are! If you are collecting safe custody documents in person you will be asked to sign them out. If you have changed solicitors and your new solicitor is uplifting safe custody on your instructions, your solicitor will ask you to sign a release authority instructing us to forward your safe custody to them, and your solicitor will certify a true copy of your photo ID  for our records.

Can you give me a copy of a document from my file after the file is complete?

Yes, we usually can. At North Coast Law we operate a paperless work environment. Don’t be fooled by the brightly coloured manila folders stacked high on our desks; we are actually very good at running our files electronically. Every document, every communication and every file note we make is meticulously scanned and saved to your electronic file and labelled for easy identification (we’re not OCD, we just don’t like mess!). Each of our staff can access the electronic files, which makes it easy to share the workload and enables us to assist you efficiently. Our paper files are used to store original documents for the duration of your matter (original Contracts, transfer documents, certified copies of documents etc). At the end of your matter a decision is made about whether any original documents which remain on the paper file should be returned to you or stored in safe custody, and a final scan is done of any correspondence or file notes not already saved to your electronic file (usually just the paper file cover page) before the paper file is closed.

Because we keep everything electronically we can quickly and easily access your file long after it is finished. If you would like a copy of a document (or documents) from your file emailed to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.