How do I find your Pomona office?

Fun fact! Pomona comes from the Latin word “Pomom” (Lawyers love Latin) meaning “fruit”.

Our fruity town is nestled in the beautiful hinterland about 30 minutes from Noosa main beach. If you are heading from Noosa to visit us then you will come via Cooroy on the Cooroy Noosa Road. When you reach the T-section at the end of the road you will take a right towards Pomona. Follow the signs all the way! You will know when you have found the village because you will come to the top of a hill (on Hill Street!) looking directly at our famous Mount Cooroora. Follow Hill Street down to the town and take the first left through the subway under the railway line and take a right at the t-section. Our office is on the right opposite the Pomona Hotel in the little blue building that is probably only second to the hotel as the most photographed building in Pomona. If you are coming from the new Bruce Highway, just take the Pomona exit and follow the signs into town. You will come from the opposite end of town this way but it is as easy as taking the 3rd exit on the round-a-bout (insert navman voice here) into the hub of Pomona and you will find us on the left just before the Landcare office.