Does your office have stairs? I/my loved one cannot climb stairs.

There is just no side-stepping the elephant in the room: we have stairs. All of our offices have stairs. Some of our offices (Palmwoods, Beerwah, Kawana) have more stairs than others (Pomona), and while we like to climb the stairs in pairs (a dozen times or maybe more when we’re counting steps), we understand that they are not for everyone. Don’t despair, we have a solution to your predicament.  Our Palmwoods office has a meeting room tucked away on the ground floor of the building. Pomona has a lovely fig tree out front that we are quite partial to meeting under!  If none of those options suit you, all of our offices are within easy walking distance to some of the best coffee shops the Sunshine Coast has on offer. Please speak to us today if you would like to utilise any of these options to meet with us.