Can you give me a copy of a document from my file after the file is complete?

Yes, we usually can. At North Coast Law we operate a paperless work environment. Don’t be fooled by the brightly coloured manila folders stacked high on our desks; we are actually very good at running our files electronically. Every document, every communication and every file note we make is meticulously scanned and saved to your electronic file and labelled for easy identification (we’re not OCD, we just don’t like mess!). Each of our staff can access the electronic files, which makes it easy to share the workload and enables us to assist you efficiently. Our paper files are used to store original documents for the duration of your matter (original Contracts, transfer documents, certified copies of documents etc). At the end of your matter a decision is made about whether any original documents which remain on the paper file should be returned to you or stored in safe custody, and a final scan is done of any correspondence or file notes not already saved to your electronic file (usually just the paper file cover page) before the paper file is closed.

Because we keep everything electronically we can quickly and easily access your file long after it is finished. If you would like a copy of a document (or documents) from your file emailed to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.