Can one of your solicitors witness my signature? I need to sign transfer docs/stamp duty concession forms/another legal document.

Provided the document was prepared by us or is a document prepared by a third party in connection with a legal matter that we are looking after for you where we have reviewed the document and given you legal advice, yes, we can witness your signature. If you are seeing us for legal advice in connection with the document, provided the document is all in order, we can witness your signature at the appointment. If you need someone to witness your signature on transfer docs or a stamp duty concession form, we can do that too, but you need to set up an appointment time. Although witnessing signatures on conveyancing documents only takes a moment, our solicitors are often busy with clients who have made appointments and because we have multiple offices we cannot guarantee that there will be a solicitor in the office if you simply rock up. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Please note if you are not a client of North Coast Law we cannot witness documents for you. There are many places on the Sunshine Coast where you can find a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations to witness your signature, such as your local Court House.